About Somer

I'm an accomplished product leader, designer and developer with almost 20 years experience in successfully driving product strategy and development for start-ups and large companies. I have an extensive knowledge of content and data (ingestion, classification, mining), media, search, advertising and UEX for web and mobile. I'm data- and goal-driven and adept at understanding and communicating both technical and business needs. I have proven success in identifying growth opportunities, delivering differentiated, innovative products to market, communicating value to customers, and building and mentoring teams... all that.

Recently was called a swiss army knife. I like that. I design, code, shoot, paint, draw, write, play music, make videos, and do maths. I have a tweeting cat.

I'm the photo-obsessed daughter of a photographer who grew up in a dark room rolling film onto reels at an early age and still loves the smell of blix in the morning. Musician, activist and would-be philosopher... if people would just be still for a minute. One day I'll be as cool as Kim Deal.



Design & UEX
I've been designing for print and digital media for most of my adult life. I speak in images and love to create beautiful, clean, usable and useful designs for humans. From logos to cards to t-shirts to brochures and media presentations to web sites to mobile apps, I like a challenge.
Responsive Web Development
Over half of all traffic to websites every day are from mobile devices. If your site does not render and function well on a smart phone browser, you're losing eyeballs and business. I create designs and code that is mobile-first for both usability and discoverability, specializing in SEO and ADA compliance.
I almost always have a camera with me. I shoot anything and everything that interests me or intrigues me or makes me laugh or cry or sigh. I don't do weddings, unless you're a really really really good friend. They know who they are.